Monitoring core network up to DSLAM

Quality of services

Having, at any time, an overview of the quality of services of the whole network

Measuring the quality of services upto DSLAM


In preventive or curative

Be notified by email / SMS in case of rupture or decrease the quality of service (configurable thresholds)

Provide statistical variations of the QoS over time

In case of customer complaint, identifying the problem

Upstream: network side (authentication server, gateways…)

Downstream: local loop side or terminal client installation

Information are available to third-party systems (NBI, by example for Maestro system)

Golden Modem (GM-EN2) are installed on a dedicated xDSL plot of a DSLAM and performed periodically scripts simulating end-user actions (connections, downloads, VoIP calls, watching TV…). Thresholds can be set up to generate alarms to warn in real-time maintenance teams.

Range of services that can be tested

Upon interrogation by server to GM-EN2
Resynchronization request or not

Checking the status of transmission

Condition and performance of the IP layer

Reading the IP configuration

pingtraceroute (packet loss, delay, routing)

DNS test

Condition and performance of services

FTP (access, rates…)

HTTP (access, rates…)

VoIP (access to the platform, call…)

IPTV (accessibility, zap time…)

Flexibility to test new services