Optical fiber testing and monitoring system

Automatically detect all defects along optical networks

  • Break free
  • Aging of a weld or a connector
  • Stress fiber
  • Optical contacts pollution
  • Malice, fire, rodents, vandalism…

Ensure quality of service and reduce operating and maintenance costs

  • Minimize loss due to outage
  • Avoid penalties
  • Take and meet new commitment
  • Provide warranty service

No need to be an expert in optical measurements

  • Analysis and diagnostic made automatically by equipment
  • Automatically locate events on a map and send email and/or SMS to maintenance team (with on-call duty management)
  • Full web interface to be available everywhere

Can be used to monitor

  • Backbone networks
  • FTTx networks
  • Leased fibers with strong guaranteed fault repair time

FiberCare system architecture

Our OTDR (named OTDU) are fully autonomous and take in charge all measurements on each fiber and compare them to references. In case of difference regarding parametrized thresholds, it generates alarms internally with an optical location of faults. Then it sends the alarms to the server through IP network. The server adds a geographical location thanks to complex algorithms to convert an optical length to GPS coordinates. The last action of the server is to provide these documented alarms to users in different ways (SMS, email…) with or without an on-call duty management. All these operations in realtime.
The system is really easy to use and no need to be an expert in optical measurement to be able to secure assets such as fibers. Plus the application is available to everyone thanks to a powerfull web responsive interface.

Few screenshots on fiber management


Users need to be authenticate to have access to functionalities regarding its profil.

Global view – bloc mode

Display a realtime status of the authorized network for each user with blocs representing each OTDU.

Global view – map mode

Display a realtime status of the authorized network for each user within a map and geographical paths.

Focus on a faut fiber

Get full information for each faulty fiber (reference, current OTDR trace, historic of alarms, histoiric of OTDR trace, POI, events detection).

Display alarm fault location

Different way to give a fault location are available: geographical, synoptic, textual.

Automatic events detection

Events detected automatically by system. They can be used to create POI to allow precise geolocation by eliminating extra lengths.

When an alarm occurs

How the application reacts when the system detects a default on a monitored fiber.

When an alarm is disapearing

How the application reacts when a fault fiber has been repaired.

Few screenshots on management


Centric-zone management allows administrators to give users access to OTDU/fibers finely.

User profiles

Give the right functionalities to the right users.


Define all users with their roles and zones which are responsible for .


Make audits of the system to have access to right information.