Copper Cables Monitoring System

Growing threat of cable theft / damage

Detect / Inform / Locate in real time any fault

Detection of a theft of the monitored network

Possible estimation of missing length

Using a copper network to monitor sensible infrastructures

Ensuring the Quality of Service (QoS)

A simple and effective system for monitoring cables of a copper network

Geolocation of the detected problem

Interface to hypervisors

Alarm generation through email, SMS...

Accept low guaranteed service restoration time (SRT) in SLA

System functionalities

Viewing all monitored cables on a consolidating screen

  • The status of monitored cables
  • The status of MTDU
  • Start or stop the supervision of a cable or to a housing
  • Storing and historical alarms / events
  • Alarm with fault location
  • Storing reference characteristics of each pair vandalism and anomalies in real time, on event

Geolocate acts of vandalism and anomalies

Be warned, in real time, on event

Ability to display plots of monitored cables on a map

Measurements principles

Viewing all monitored cables on a consolidating screen

FiberCare to build a ease of use system

Using our expertise from:

Geolocation of the event and display on cable routing (GIS, Google Map…)

Cyclic and permanent measurements on each monitored pair

Setting up a specific beacon at the end of each monitored pair

8 inputs for 8 monitored cables: using one unused pair per cable (several tens of km depending on cable characteristics)

Rise an alarm and report it on the web application

System description

Ensuring the Quality of Service (QoS)

Control each MTDU for each declared cable

  • Sequence and launch tests
  • Get results
  • Compare results withreferences
  • In case of difference, generate an alarm and dispatch it (SMS, email…)
  • Refresh status of each monitored cables

Manage users

Manage monitoring status (start/stop) for each cable

Manage MTDU (status, download...)

Manage how alarms are dispatched

Beacon role

Ending of the monitored pair automatically recognized by the MTDU

Prevent false alarms due to presence of disturbers on phone network:

  • xDSL signals present per Crosstalk
  • Low voltages

Establish a reliable diagnostic

MTDU role

Perform measurements

Detect beacon

Establish a diagnostic